Connect to PC/MAC

  1. Ensure the power is OFF (Press down "O" means Power OFF).
  2. Connect the USB cable.
    (Special Note: For Windows users, please connect the same USB port on your computer to avoid producing unwanted duplicates of TIN. printer in your system).
  3. Make sure the power adapter is tightly connected,then connect the power cable to the printer' s power port and the electrical sockets.
  4. Turn the power ON (Press down "-" means Power ON),now you will see the top feeder button flashing.

The Suitable Label Size

TIN printer is capable of working with labels in various sizes, compatible with a width range from 1.57" to 4.1" and no limitations on the height, ideal for 4"*6".

Feed the Label

  1. Turn on the power after you connect your printer, and wait for about 5 seconds until the printer is initialized.
  2. It's suggested to adjust the label guide to match the width of the label if necessary before the label is pushed in. (the default width of the labelguide is suit for 4"*6" label).
  3. Intelligent Label Study/Automatic Label Identification, insert the label from the backside of the printer(do not need to open the cover).
  4. TIN.printer will start automatic label identification, the label will move backand forth several times to study the label size, then be positioned at the tear-off point. TIN. is ready to print.

Driver Installation for Windows

Please download TIN. TP-4001 driver from the USB stick that comes with the package, or downloads it here.
1.Open the "TIN.-Windows-Driver-Latest.exe" file with a double-click to start the installation process.
2. Click "Install" and follow the onscreen instructions.
3.Click “Next” and “finish” to complete the driver installation.
4.After setting up the printer,check your computer if the printer has installed or not.
Go to the' Setting' click' Device' >click' Printer & scanners', and
then you will find the printer'. Label Printer(4inch)'.Click'
Manage' to print a test page and print labels successfully, that
means you have set up the printer successfully.

Driver Installation for MacOS

Please download TIN. TP-4001 driver from the USB stick that comes with the package, or downloads it here.
1.Double-click the file "Tin.-Mac-Driver-Latest.pkg".
2.Click"Continue"and follow the on screen instructions.

Windows Printer Setup

Take Win 10 as example:
1.Open ypur printer page Control Panel→ Hardware and Sound
→Devices and PRINTERS.
2.Right Click on your newly installed printer "TIN. TP-4001”, choose Printing perferences.
3.Click “Page Setup”and choose the size of your label from the drop down menu,Ensure “Name”is set correctly for your label.

MacOS Printing Setup

  1. Open a PDF file (any document file is ok),Select “File”→“Print“
  2. Choose 4" x 6" under “PaperSize” drop down menu.
  3. Select "Printer Features", then you can change the settings of printer, for example: Speed, Darkness, Rotate, Horizontal and Vertical.